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Getting Started

Getting started with Xantus Real Estate Marketing is easy. Follow these steps to begin

Update Your Profile

All information that is inputted into this section will be used across all of the listing websites you create.

  1. Log in to your Xantus Dashboard HERE
  2. Click 'View Profile' in the left menu
  3. Upload an image of yourself
  4. Click Upload
  5. Enter a quick bio about yourself
  6. Click Save Bio
  7. Input all office, contact, and social media information.
  8. Click the Save Contact Info and Save Social Info buttons

Add a Property Listing

  1. Click 'Add Listing' in the left menu
  2. Input the MLS number (Please note: The MLS number can not be changed later)
  3. Enter all the listing details
  4. Click the Next Step button
  5. Click Browse to search your computer for property pictures(Try to keep picture size under 2MB)
  6. Wait for all images are finished uploading, signified with a green check mark, then click 'Next'
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